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About US

Desira is a modern elegant jewelry that was started by a young balinese couple in 2016. Most of our pieces are handcrafed with passion and care by talented local smith and designed by Desira.

Every pieces tell a story, our jewellry inspired by the beauty of balinese culture as well as the character and energy of gemstones. Combined together, they bring in a unique dainty pieces.

Through Desira, we wish to conserve our tradition in our pieces, exploring design and motif from our history and pouring them into modern and fresh jewellry.

Bali Jewelry
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Silver Jewelry // Bali

Desira Jewel as Conscious Business

As we live in our only home, Earth. We are thankful for the air in every breath we take, the magic in the seed that grow, all of the beauty our eyes could see, for millions different species with their own unique energy.

Thankyou for allowing us to create these mindful pieces. With care and passion we handcrafted this jewel, and wish their natural frequecy could accompany the user through their journey.

We are commited to minimize our footprint as much as possible, by using sustainable material, we try to minimize single use plastic, as well as being commited in ethical production.

Behind every pieces we made, theres a part of nature and human being that we recognise and appreciate. It is valuable, and should be treasured and respected. we want you to join us in mindful and conscious consummerism, because in the end, we only have one home, Earth. 🌏


Most frequent questions and answers

Our pieces are made from sterling silver 925, covered with gold plated and some are completed in crystal or other natural stone.

Care should be always taken to protect the layer from fading or scratch. Store your jewelry separately in a dry place to prevent or reduce it from tarnishing. Showering and swimming with your jewelry is not advised. Avoid your jewelry to contact with moisture and chemical substance that can be corrosive such as lotion, perfume, water, etc.

All jewelry is different and required unique cleaning process. We are happy to help you with any reconditioning request. Due to natural wear, your jewelry may need to be professionaly polished, repaired, or reset. Feel free to contact us at for your request

Desira do not accept returns and refund under any circumtances. Exchange is accepted after maximum 7 days of purchases or item received. Exchange condition do not apply for sale item and only valid if the items are in their original condition (no damage and no sign of have been worn or used). Customer can exchange the items with the same price item or more because we could not refund the money. Please also note that customer is responsible for the shipping and shipping fee of the exchange items. 

Please contact us at for your request with the reason of exchange, so that we can address your issue immediately.

All of our pieces are handcrafted with detail and care. We always clean and double check the item before we hand it to our customer. However, sometimes human error could not be avoided.

For offline transaction, kindly please re-check the item before purchasing, and if you notice any sign of damage, please tell us immediately, so we can give you the new one.

For online transaction, if you received a package with a damage items, you are expected to contact us directly not more than 2 days, your puchase then will be inspected and issued.