Desira Jewel

Praba Necklace

Design by Desira in sterling silver 925, gold plated. Handcrafted by local smith.

The design of Praba is inspired by Indonesian traditional jewelry, from West Sumatra, Minangkabau. The etnic shape of this jewelry usually used for a traditional wedding ceremony. Lately this shape is modificated into a smaller and simpler design to be worn on a formal casual occation. We would like to bring fresh and modern touch in this pieces, with the assymetrycal shape and ornamented with Moonstone and double terminate Clear Quartz, the necklace elicit a bold and contemporary look, without loosing the sense of Indonesian Heritage. Praba Necklace, Signature design by Desira in Sterling Silver 925, Gold Plated, comes with Moonstone and Clear Quartz.

Care Instructions

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